Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Love To Ramble

Ahhhh, so much time, so little to say!

Actually I seem to have lots to say, or maybe just lots to think. So many unfinished thoughts are zooming thru my head right now at the speed of light. It'd be nice to grab ahold of just one so I could coherently write it down!

I think I'll begin with this blog thing; my daughter has a blog (lovemaegan) and has finally convinced me that it is a fun thing to do. It's not scary or obligatory; just fun. We set the blog up this afternoon, she then had to leave and I had to walk and feed my doggies. While I was doing that my brain was crazy with excitement of all the things I could write about. I guess she is right (again)! We learn lots from our children, (grown or small) if we only open our hearts and our minds. Anyway, I'm just gonna ramble thru the first few posts and then I'll get int my real interests and such. I'm figuring no one will read this for awhile (if ever) so I can write whatever I want and just get all this crap outta my head! This is where my elevator theory comes into play; all these guys are in our heads with words and thoughts. Sometimes they all jump out of the elevator at the same time on the same floor, the result is we're flooded with thoughts or words and we then are unable to form a thought or sentence. Then there's the times when all the guys sit in the elevator and don't get out; we're left speechless. Then there's the time when the wrong guy gets out and we say the wrong word. Then there's the worst scenario; the wrong guy gets out in the wrong floor and then we say something stupid. I won't even go into the guys that represent us when we drink too much alcohol...another story for another day.

So I'm done for now, that was my first real post...hmmm wonder if I should print and frame it? Hopefully I won't be graded for grammar, spelling or typing.

My First Post!!!!

This is my first post. I started a blog!
{My daughter made me - in fact, she's typing this right now!}